Monday, November 26, 2007

Prayers please!...

If you haven't heard yet, John is in the hospital.  He is neutropenic.  This means he has very, very little immune system to fight off whatever infection it is that he has.  He is in a critical situation.  He needs your prayers right now, if you are the praying type.  If you can, please lend Krissy and John some support over at The Gazette, too.  I will be keeping you updated when Krissy can not.  Right now he is still at the local hospital.  He is still having fevers.  They are considering transferring him to Hershey where he will get more specialized care, but that is still up in the air.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support, everyone!  I will update you again when I am able.

Where have I been?  Tired, so very tired and fatigued.  My fibromyalgia is kicking me in the rear.  I am hoping to feel better very soon.  I am sorry I have been very quiet lately, but my fatigue is so very draining.   I have also been trying to enjoy my grandsons and daughter before they moved.  They DID move.  It was sad.  They are doing fine, though.  They are only 20 minutes away.  It feels weird not having them across the street, though.  I was used to seeing the little ones whenever I wanted to.  ~sigh~

I will be back tomorrow with a Hunt subject.  You all still have until then to give me any Thanksgiving photos for last week's Hunt.  Now, I will leave you with a new pictures of my grandbabies.  Take care all of my friends!!  Hugs! xox



                  awwwww... Josiah loves his brother!


  1. Absolutely holding John & Krissy up in prayer.  I awoke during the night again, with John on my mind and prayed for him.   Darling little ones.  Aren't grandkids fun?  Mine are about 15 minutes away...and I'm thankful it's that and not 15 hours away.   Take care and hope you're feeling better real soon.  Linda in Washington state

  2. you have such beautiful grand babies!!!
    i will keep john in my prayers

  3. Val~John already knows I pray for him. I'm so bummed that his condition is considered to be cricial when he had been doing so well. ::::::::::::::::sigh::::::::::::::::::Your grand babbies are beautiful. Hope you feel less run down ASAP~Hugs, Deb ;-)

  4. Sending up prayers now!!! So sorry this is going on!  I'll drop by Krissy's journal now.

    PS. Very cute grandbabies!  

  5. John and Krissy continue to be in my thoughts, Val.

  6. John and Krissy are always in my special thoughts....
    and look at those cute grandbabies!
    Feel better soon...
    Linda :)

  7. I'll keep John and Krissy in my thoughts.  Sorry to hear that your FMS is flaring up, hopefully it will be a short bought and you will be feeling better soon.


  8. Oh Val, I knew you weren't feeling well.  I have missed you, but not had time to write, not really had the right opportunity to call, where we could talk privately.  Nothing against Dave, just need girl talk.  So sorry about John and sad for him & Krissy, I was aware of their situation and have my prayers going up.  I love the pictures of your grandbabies!  Honey, they are precious but at their current ages, they don't look alike YET anyway, I don't think.  Write when you can, sweetie.  I will too.  Love Always, Merry  PS  Feel Better soon, oh do I miss our correspondence, tho I understand.

  9. John and Krissy are in my prayers.
    Sorry your babies moved away but at least they are still fairly close by. I wish mine were across the street oh that would be so much fun.
    Loved the pictures they are sure cute guys.
    Sorry you aren't feeling well will keep you in my prayers as well.

  10. have been praying and will continue...will say a prayer for you as well.  sorry you haven't been feeling well.  the babies are beautiful!  :)

  11. John and Krissy have been in my prayers and still are. So sorry your grandchildren moved. I know how it is to miss seeing them. I hope your feeling better soon. Have a nice evening. (((hugs)))))

  12. Val, Krissy and John are in my prayers.  I didn't know he was back in the hospital.  God help him through this.  And your grandbabies are just adorable!! : )  Love, Shelly

  13. You will always be in my prayers.  Hugs.  Tish G.

  14. Krissy and John are in my prayers.  Looks like I'll be spending more time at the Hershey hopsital gain, so if they transfer John, I'll have to check in on him and Krissy.

  15. ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))))Yes,I have been praying for both Krissy and John.I hope you get to feeling better.I will be praying for oyu as well.

  16. My prayers are with John and Krissy....and you have the most beautiful grand babies.....June:)

  17. Thanks for sharing the picks and my prayers are going out for John and you too I hope everything turns out okay.


  18. HI...
     I understand how difficult and frustrating fibromyalgia can be,
     I have  friend who has suffred with it for over 30 years, (even before it had a name and an official diagnosis).
      She finds excercise helps tremendously and has a great personal trainer who is also a physical therapist.


  19. Thinking and praying for all of you, left note at Gazette.  Maire my dear, let it all flow back out into the world, you're thru with this pain now.  xoxo CATHY

  20. I can only say that I am shocked by the news of John having this setback.     I will visit the Gazette and send my thoughts to him.    I know you have not heard from me for awhile.    I have been finishing working with the regular worker I have that I pay $7.50/hr who is on disabilty and supports his mother and has one dependent, a daughter, with a son on the way by his new fiance.    The other worker owed me money from 2 years ago and payed off his debt which made me very happy.     I am exhausted and the recent rain and changing weather has made me want to stay on my board reading as that is the only thing that truly relieves my pain.    However the rain stopped today and I am feeling a little better and able to sit in less pain at the computer.     We still have to put the shingles on the roof but it has tar paper stapled down protecting the new plywood.     I will let you know more and will make posts in my journal this winter.     The photos of your grandchildren are great and I hope you can see them often with them only 20 minutes away.    Lyrica is now being advertised on TV for fibromyalgia.    Thanks for visiting me and your concern for me.     hugs,   mark

  21. Awww.. look at the boys adorable.
    Take care, Chrissie


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