Monday, May 23, 2005

A Contest!...

Happy Monday, readers!!  I had a busy, busy week last week and have still been feeling very fatigued.  I am not sure what that is all about, but it is keeping me from being able to journal as much as I would like to.  I got a new dishwasher a few weeks ago!  Did I tell you guys this yet?  Oh my, it is making my life so much easier!  I LOVE my dishwasher!!  Love it, love it, love it!!

Chelsea and I had a yard sale on Saturday.  We made $4 dollars.  We were having a borough-wide yard sale and we thought that perhaps if we set some stuff out in our yard people might come up our side street.  It didn't happen.  They stayed on the main streets.  It wasn't a total disaster as I got to round up all the stuff I need to get rid of and I got to spend the day with Chelsea and my next-door neighbor and pal, Roger.  He didn't make any real money, either.  The lady across the street set out stuff as well.  No one came to her sale either.  I got a bit of a sunburn.  Ah, but I guess it was all worth it in the end.  It really was good to round up all of our un-needed items in our home.

Matt (my son) got his driver's license last Thursday!!  Congratulations, Matt!  I know how important that is for a young man!!  My, he is lucky because he has a car to drive!  He got a job last week as well!  His last day of school is Wednesday!  Gee, he is having a good couple of weeks!  He is coming for a visit on June 29 for a few weeks.  Chelsea's last day here is June 25, I believe it is.  So, only one more month of Chelsea living here :-( .  Not so good.  It will be nice to have Matt visiting right after Chelsea leaves.

My sister has a contest going.  She needs a name for a hybrid iris she created.  She has a real green thumb!  She grew this wonderful hybrid from a white and a burgundy iris.  Hmm.. makes you wonder about recessive and dominate genes.  When she sent me this picture, the flower was five feet tall already!!  The submitter of the winning name she chooses will receive seeds from the hybrid she created, plus some of the wonderful blue irises you see in this picture.  Isn't the yellow one grand!!?!!  The blue ones are pretty awesome as well!  Go ahead and leave a guess in my comment's section!  Hey, send your friends here, too!  This will be lots of fun!

                  I haven't come up with a name yet.  My Dad submitted "YangTze" which means "Yellow River" and my Mom submitted "Scutterbotch".  My creative juices really aren't running these days.  I will try, though.  Go ahead, give it a go!

Hey, have you done Krissy's Monday Morning Question lately?  They are alot of fun!  If you haven't answered today's go on over!  If you never have, well, they are fun!  Yes, shameless promotion for my newly-married sister :-)!

I weighed Baby yesterday.  He is now ten pounds.  Seven-months old and ten pounds!  He has really calmed down since he was neutered a couple of weeks ago.  Now he and Honey can co-exist in the same room.  They couldn't before the neutering.  Sometimes they even co-exist on the same couch even!

Well, I guess I am going to get off here and get ready for my day.  Lots to do!  Lots to do all week!  I am hoping that I can step up on my number of entries.  We will see.  Wish me luck!  Hey, you have a good day! xox


  1. Well my suggestion for the beautiful bloom would be "Sunburst" because it is so bright and shining like the sun.  Oh I wish we had room for a dishwasher, I shall just have to make do with Mike lol.  Congratulations Matt!  So nice he will be visiting.  And I do so love that flower, strange because you know I posted an iris picture but nothing like that!  Take care and God bless you dear friend xxxxx

  2. You're off and running for a great week! GOOD! I'm not a flower person, thus no name, BUT, it is a beautiful plant! Glad you sound so happy. rich

  3. I think I would call it Yellow Fire, because that is what it suggests to me.  Hooray for the dishwasher!  I`ve had one for 2 yrs now and I don`t know what I`d do without it. I only wish I`d had one when my children were small.  :-)   Sandra xxx

  4. I would call it Crown of Glory.  It's absolutely beautiful!  You're going to miss Chelsea, I know.  I'll keep you both in my prayers.  Love, Penny

  5. Wow that yellow one just really draws you into it doesn't it.  I love your dad's name for it Yang Tze and your mother's too Scutterbotch.  Powerful names for such a powerful color.  My minds drawing a blank, I guess because I like Yang Tze so much.  Aren't dishwashers just the greatest invention.  I think the person who thought that one up should receive the Noble Prize. LOL.  Sounds to me like someone really loves you and wants to make life easier for you.  Hey I'll come back later after the vision of that yellow flower plays with my name creating center okay.


  6. What a pretty flower, a name, let me think... Percy?  No, I'm not so good at thinking up names, so I think I'll leave this one!!  It is a beautiful flower though :o)
    Congrats to Matt on getting his drivers license AND a job!!  And commiserations to you on the boot sale thing :o(  At least you got to have a sort out though hon.  
    Sara   x

  7. Yay!  Congrats on Matt for getting his driver's license!
    I told Chelsea last night that I would be sad to see her go.
    I still haven't figured out what to call the iris! -Krissy

  8. I like Yangtze Iris for the name...that's a good one! When I saw it the first thing that popped into my head was sunshine...sun...Ra? The egyptian sun god? Ra Iris. Hmm. Nah. How about the word sunshine in other languages? Soleil Iris? Sonnenschein Iris? ηλιοφάνεια iris? Nah. Greek is too hard to spell. Sole iris? Nah. Sounds like feet. Luz do Sol iris. Wait...I like that! It's Portuguese. OK. I'll go with that. Or vote for your Dad's suggestion. LOL

  9. Thats a beautiful Iris. The colour is so vibrant .I think I would call it "Thoughts of Heaven" because they say you are never as close to God as you are when you are in a garden .

  10. I would call it vibrant sunshine..............Jules xxxxxx

  11. It's got to be "Golden Wave". Take care my friend.
    Sylvia x

  12. Val it is really a good thing that I don't have your address or else I'd be packing up all my dirty dishes and sending them over so you could have some frolicking fun with that grand dishwasher of yours.

    Oh geeze are you going miss that girl Chelsea or WHAT? Don't think about it, enjoy your time together. She will come visit often and you her... hey she could take you to Busch gardens to see all the animals! WAY TO GO MATT! Remember getting my driver's license, can you say FREEDOM! Drive safe my man and get to mama's house in one piece..

    that sis of yours is so talented. Name?,,,,namenamename....  no fair all the good ones have been taken! How a bout "A Kiss of Sunshine" or... ummm... wracking brains here... "Daybreak" because the colors resemble a stunning sunrise I once saw over the ocean. Or, last one... "A Real Purty Flower Therese got Crossed Up!" Nice and simple. HA!


  13. Hope you get some energy soon.  
    Glad you got the dishwasher.  Such a necessity.
    How 'bout "cooing canary" for the Iris?  LOL.  Well, I guess an Iris doesn't coo but we all coo at them when we ooh and ahh over them, right?

  14. thought of another name for the Iris. . .Eternal light. . .its such a bright colour .

  15. well, this is my first time here. i found ur journal from back roads of life, (monica)'s journal. for the flower, how about, honey iris?
    check out my journal.

  16. What a BEAUTIFUL Iris!  I love the brightness and it seems so cheerful.



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